Trail sites in the Southwest part of the Kansas City area
Trail at Ernie Miller Park
Ernie Miller Park  [website]
• 909 N. Highway 7, Olathe, Ks.
• Several miles of unpaved trails
• Paved trail about one mile long
• Nature center with live hawk and owl


Heritage Park  [website]
• 16445 Lackman Rd., Olathe, Ks.
• Several miles of paved trails, lakeside and through woods
• Good place to see Great Blue Heron, warblers,
  buntings, orioles, Dickcissels
Great Blue Heron at Heritage Park
Mill Creek Streamway Trail at Shawnee Mission Park
Mill Creek Streamway  [website]
• 17 miles of paved trail running S-N from 119th St. to
   the Kansas River in north Johnson County, Ks.
• Eight well-marked access points
• Variety of birds, e.g. bluebirds, woodpeckers,
  tanagers, orioles, Belted Kingfisher, Brown Thrasher
 Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens [website]
  • 8909 W. 179th St., just west of Antioch in southern
    Johnson County, Ks.
  • About 6 miles of mulched trails plus some paved trails      
  • Environmental Education Visitors Center and bird-feeding areas
  • Many bird species including Belted Kingfisher, orioles,
    tanagers, buntings, Pileated & Red-headed Woodpeckers
Overland Park Arboretum Environmental Education Visitors Center

Loop trail at Shawnee Mission Park

Shawnee Mission Park  [website]
• 7900 Renner Rd., Shawnee, Ks.
• 1250 acre park
• Visitor center
• Many miles of trails, access to Mill Creek Streamway
• Varied habitats
and many bird species

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