Resources for hiking and birding in the Kansas City area
Hiking trails in the Kansas City area
• Book - Hiking Kansas City, by William B. Eddy & Richard O. Ballentine
• Websites identified in individual trail site descriptions for NW, NE, SW, and SE
Benefits of walking - "Why Walking Is the Most Underrated Form of Exercise " -  "Adults need ... 2.5 hours per week of ... aerobic activity to stay healthy. " - "... walking is just as good for your health as running. " - "natural environment has profound effects on the well-being..." - "Walking Prescriptions for Health"
Information about walking - info and links on walking/hiking shoes, fitness, nutrition, etc. - selecting walking shoes and other information about walking
Bird identification and behavior, and information about Cardinalidae
• Books by David Allen Sibley: The Sibley Guide to Birds, and The Sibley Guide to Bird
  Life and Behavior
• Book - Birds of Kansas, by Max C. Thompson, Charles A. Ely, Bob Gress, Chuck Otte,
  Sebastian T. Patti, David Seibel, and Eugene A. Young
Cornell Lab of Ornithology - silhouette, field marks, posture, size, flight pattern, habitat
Bird taxonomy - summary of taxonomy - origin, name selection, species per continent
BirdLife International - world taxonomic checklist 
American Ornithologists Union - bird taxonomic checklist for North and Middle America
American Birding Association -  bird taxonomic checklist for continental USA and Canada
Kansas City area bird list is a compilation of lists of accepted bird sightings for Jackson, Cass, Clay, and Platte counties in Missouri from the Missouri Audubon Society and for Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas from the Kansas Ornithological Society
Bird feeders
Audubon at Home - tips for safely attracting and feeding birds
Birding binoculars - binoculars for particular needs and price ranges
Kansas City area birding organizations
Burroughs Audubon Society - Greater Kansas City Chapter of the National Audubon Soc.
Kansas Ornithological Society - statewide organization devoted specifically to the study,   conservation, and enjoyment of birds
Beginning Birding (thanks to Tanner from Compton Community Center)
Birding Basics - summary of birding basics and resources
Introduction to Birdwatching - birdwatching benefits, "how to's", and needs to get started  
Tricky IDs - how to distinguish between some "look -a-like" birds
Beginner's Guide to Birdwatching - comprehensive overview on beginning birdwatching
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