Raptors (Hawks, Eagles, Falcons, & Allies)
Seasons in KC area based on information from "The Sibley Guide to Birds" (2000) and "Birds of Kansas" (2011)
Cooper's Hawk female Oak Park Wichita 3_16_2015 Cooper's Hawk juvenile 1_11_2012
Cooper's Hawk (adult female) - KC area year-round
Cooper's Hawk (juvenile)
Sharp-shinned with prey Sharp-shinned misty
Sharp-shinned Hawk (juvenile)
Juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk (from Misty & Mina)
KC area winter only
Augusta, Ga, July 2, 2007
Red-tailed Hawk front Red-tailed Hawk back
Red-tailed Hawk
- KC area year-round
Red-tailed Hawk juv Red-tailed Hawk leucistic
Red-tailed Hawk (juvenile)
Red-tailed Hawk (leucistic)
Red-shouldered Hawk Arboretum 4_21_2015 Red-shouldered Hawk nest
Red-shouldered Hawk - KC area March to
October and rare in winter
Red-shouldered Hawk Florida 1_3_2010 Swainson's Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk - Florida 1/3/2010
Swainson's Hawk - KC area April through October
Paler color in southeast
Northern Harrier Parkville 8_25_2017 Northern Harrier juv Trent Reed 07_16_2011
Northern Harrier - KC area year-round
Northern Harrier (juvenile)
Photo by Robert T. Reed
Harris's Hawk White-tailed Hawk San Bernard NWR 3_16_2014
Harris's Hawk (southwest) - not in KC area
White-tailed Hawk (south Texas) - not in KC area
Gray Hawk 1_7_2013 American Kestrel 12_12_2011
Gray Hawk (southwest) - not in KC area
American Kestrel - KC area year-round
Merlin Aplomado Falcons rev 2_3_2013
Merlin - KC area during migration
Aplomado Falcons (nest box south Texas) - not in KC area
Osprey Black Vulture
Osprey - KC area during migration
Black Vulture - not in KC area
Turkey Vulture adult Turkey Vulture juvenile
Turkey Vulture (adult)- KC area summer (breeding)
Turkey Vulture (juvenile)
Mississipi Kite Mississippi Kite juv PV 8_28_2012
Mississippi Kite - KC area May to Sept
Mississippi Kite juvenile Prairie Village 8/28/2012
White-tailed Kite Pelican Island 3_18_2014 White-tailed Kite Galverston SP 3_18_2014
White-tailed Kite (coastal regions) - not in KC area
White-tailed Kite in flight - note circles under wings
Swallow-tailed Kite PV 8_28_2012 Ferruginous Hawk
Swallow-tailed Kite - rare in KC (Prairie Village 8/28/2012)
Ferruginous Hawk (west) - not in KC area
Bald Eagle Heritage Park 4_23_2015 Crested Caracara Pelican Island 3_18_2014
Bald Eagle - KC area September to April
Crested Caracara (southwest) - not in KC area
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