Mimids (Mockingbirds, Thrashers, & Allies)
Seasons in KC area based on information from "The Sibley Guide to Birds" (2000) and "Birds of Kansas" (2011)
Northern Mockingbird Arboretum 10_17_2014 Gray Catbird High Island 3_20_2014
Northern Mockingbird - KC area year-round
Gray Catbird - KC area May to September
Brown Thrasher Heritage Park 5_23_2014 Long-billed Thrasher
Brown Thrasher - KC area April to October
Long-billed Thrasher (south Texas) - not in KC area
Curve-billed Thrasher 3_11_2012 Sage Thrasher
Curve-billed Thrasher (southwest) - not in KC area
Sage Thrasher (southwest) - not in KC area
Crissal Thrasher 1_16_2013  
Crissal Thrasher (southwest) - not in KC area
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