Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers
Seasons in KC area based on information from "The Sibley Guide to Birds" (2000) and "Birds of Kansas" (2011)
Ring-billed Gull Laughing Gull San Luis Pass 3_18_2014
Ring-billed Gull - KC area September to May
Laughing Gull (south and east coast) - not in KC area
Franklin's Gull 4_25_2013 Herring Gull James A Reed 3_5_2015
Franklin's Gull - KC area during Sp and F migration
Herring Gull - KC area October to April
Forster's Tern Bolivar Peninsula 3_19_2014 Royal Tern
Forster's Tern - KC area during migration
Royal Tern (south and east coasts) - not in KC area
Black Tern Gardner wetlands 5_17_2014 Common Tern Magee Marsh Estuary 5_16_2015
Black Tern - KC area during migration
Common Tern - KC area uncommon Sp & F migrant
Black Skimmer San Luis Pass 3_18_2014  
Black Skimmer (coastal area) - not in KC area
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