Finches and Allies
Seasons in KC area based on information from "The Sibley Guide to Birds" (2000) and "Birds of Kansas" (2011)
House Finch male House Finch female
House Finch
- KC area year-round
Purple Finch Purple Finch female Arboretum 11_27_2012
Purple Finch
- KC area November to April
American Goldfinch Lesser Goldfinch Starr Pass 1_26_2015
American Goldfinch - KC area year-round
Lesser Goldfinch (southwest) - not in KC area
Lawrence's Goldfinch 1_14_2012 Pine Sisken Home 12_25_2012
Lawrence's Goldfinch (southwest) - not in KC area
Pine Siskin - KC area September to May
Large-footed Finch Evening Grosbeak Anza Trail Tubac AZ 1_13_2013
Large-footed Finch (Costa Rica) - not in KC area
Evening Grosbeak - Irregular winter visitant to KC area
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